•   It’s almost impossible to imagine life without flexible, transparent and water-resistant food packaging, without plastic sandwich bags, cling film or shelves filled with plastic jars, tubs and tubes, and durable bags and boxes.   |
  • History

    Tehran Union Manufacturers & Sellers of Plastic & Nylon

    Plastic, nylon and melamine union officially launched its work in 1972.

    The number of union members at that time was less than 20 people.

    Plastics industry was limited at that time in Iran and the diversity of products was limited to several small and primary types. Since a decade after the establishment of the plastic union and convergence of thinking of plastic producers and artisans of plastic union the second generation of machines and plastic manufacturing equipment entered in to the production cycle diversity of products and equipment increased more and more over the time by promotion of technology. Currently plastic union with more than 3500 active members is saving to below sections:

    1-Vendors and disposable containers products

    2-Manufacturers of industrial products

    3-Manufactures of nylon, nylex and cellophane

    4-Manufactures of home appliances

    Today plastic union can proudly look back to a highly modern and automated manufacturing environment, a loyal and satisfied customer based on all continents.

    Plastic unions steady growth is mainly due to its innovative character, its consequently investing program in the latest technologies of market and it conscientious attitude towards its customers.

    Moreover, thanks to the development of new products, plastic union sees the future still very optimistic and will be able to satisfy the needs of its customers in future.