•   It’s almost impossible to imagine life without flexible, transparent and water-resistant food packaging, without plastic sandwich bags, cling film or shelves filled with plastic jars, tubs and tubes, and durable bags and boxes.   |
  • About our Union

    Services of the union to the members

    1-Issuing business license under the titles categories such as: manufacturer whole sellers and retailers.

    2- Defending member's right in relation to issues, like tax issues insurance and so on.

    3- Establishing a place for dispute resolution among the members.

    4- Giving a services and advice to members on issues of import and export of materials and goods.

    5- Providing expertise for registering ownership of the industrial design to protect intellectual property rights and innovation and inventions carried by members.

    6- Establishing a mechanism for organizing packages of support and welfare such as complementary insurances supplemental health branches of insurance for members.

    7- Creating and organized mechanism to transfer requests problems of the members to the related organization and governmental officials.

    8- Sending and organizing committee consisting of entrepreneurs in the plastic industry to participate in international exhibitions.

    9- Trying to stabilize prices of goods materials and equipment required by manufacturers and union members and combating with smuggling of the goods related to the plastic industry.

    10- Introducing members who are eligible to banks and foreign, domestic financial and credit institutions to obtain financial facilities.